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News 2012-07-09

Swedish water barrier AB 1000 m barrier in stock for immediate delivery. Buy or rent. Up to 120 cm height. Easy to install stable and proven. You mount the 100 meters in 1 hour.
Stop with the annoying and expensive clay dikes.


Contact us by phone 0322-63 00 06 we are on call every day and can deliver immediately.

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If you live in an area or in a place where there is a risk of flooding, you know what this
may mean in terms of both turmoil and how much water can destroy and cause problems.
Water can be tricky and unpredictable, and once you stand there and see the disaster approaching
it might be nice to be prepared and have a great flood at hand. Unless
you may want to know where to get hold of a protection that can prevent water rampage so
that they can protect themselves and their property as much as possible. A guard can be trusted.

Here at Swedish Water barrier AB, you can rent or reliable and flexible
water barrier, namely our patented product DamLite. DamLite is a proven
and safe product that is used to flood the whole country, from north to south,
to prevent water rampage. When you understand that the disaster will become a fact to be
do not stand with inadequate flood protection, and fortunately you do not have it either.
Not when you have access to DamLites products, products that are superior both in
concerning safety and price. For example if you prefer to buy your barrier to be sure
to always keep it handy, you can do so from only 250 SEK / m A price that you would
may compare with competing brands. We do not think it will cost a fortune to protect themselves
himself and his property.

Future changes in climatic conditions have made the risk of flooding has increased in
many places, and every year many people suffer and may see their property succumb
the water's rampage. When the water has begun gush over it may be difficult to stop
if you do not have the right equipment. It was this that led us to seek out and develop
our product, DamLite, 2002. We want to make it possible for anyone with concerns about
flood damage to be able to obtain a protection they can feel safe with. Our great
experience and broad skills combined with good procedures make us a very good choice
in the case of this type of protection. We know what it takes and have the resources to help
you. Get a long-term readiness so you do not have to worry about flood damage.

What then is DamLite really? DamLite is a flexible retaining wall that can be adapted
your needs. It is easy to store and easy to transport, the light weight makes it very
easy to use and reduces the risk of injuries. The design is very flexible which makes
to follow the surface it is mounted on, to keep out as much water as possible. For
To facilitate further work can be fitted DamLite at a suitable place and then
easy to lift and place it where it should be used.

DamLite adjusts itself ground pressure and is easy to enhance if you suspect or realize that
it will not be enough, so you can always feel safe. DamLite can also
assembling a continuous range as being secured, if necessary. Product
stable and safe on all surfaces and is available in three formats, with dämningshöjder of 50 cm,
80 cm and 120 cm. This means that you can easily choose the size according to need. We also have a
base unit that can be completed with various accessories to suit your needs.

DamLite is also an environmental friendly product, can it get better? If you are interested in our
products and want a viewing, contact us and we will fix it!